In a world filled with so many people trying to look like a certain celebrity, influencer, etc. we created our ‘Authentic’ pair to remind women to be themselves. An original is worth far more than a copy and being authentically YOU is the best thing you can do for yourself. These are very similar to our top-selling ‘White Lie’ style but there are more hairs within this pair by comparison. The fibers are set on a clear band so they blend in with the most simple eye makeup looks (but they also look great all by themselves!).

Our human hair styles provide 10-15 individual wears with proper maintenance and gentle care.

Best for eye shapes: Hooded, Monolid, Deep-Set, Round, Almond, Wide-Set, Close-Set

1 review for Authentic

  1. Chantelle Wells (verified owner)

    Most comfortable lashes I’ve ever worn! My friend thought they were my natural lashes. Will definitely be repurchasing!

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