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A beautiful doe-eyed flair elongates and creates instant lift on the outer corners of the eyes with this pair. Thick, full fibers add dramatic flair in all the right places. This robust style wears extremely well and is very comfortable, which is a good thing because you’ll want to wear them all day, every day.

Our synthetic styles provide 15-20 individual wears with proper maintenance and gentle care.

3 reviews for Blessed

  1. grossmanag (verified owner)

    I wore these today and they really lift my eyes but look natural. They’re very comfortable but durable and make me look rested. I swear they make my eyes look 10 years younger. I’ve caught myself in the mirror leaving the ladies room and thought…”Wow, I look great today! I must have done a nice job on my makeup…oh wait, it’s the lashes!”

  2. Mommajen (verified owner)

    These are by far the best lashes and my absolute favorite lashes I have ever worn! They are extremely comfortable, lightweight and flexible, making them super easy to apply. I’ve had more compliments on how great they look and most can’t tell that they aren’t real. They’re amazing!!!

  3. TammyLML (verified owner)

    These are the lashes that first drew me to the Inky Minky brand, and wow, they did NOT disappoint! I had been wearing Red Cherry demi wispies a lot – they have a similar shape and color, though the Red Cherry #DW are shorter, and not quite so luxurious – but I’ve now completely replaced them with “Blessed”. I love the flared ends, and the shorter lashes toward the inner corners – these lashes manage to look both dramatic and delicate at the same time, and I get many, many compliments on them. Very comfortable and easy to clean as well!

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