3 reviews for Daddy’s Girl

  1. Gravegirl42 (verified owner)

    I love these lashes! So demure and so sweet! I was a daddy’s girl myself too and lost my dad recently as well, now when I put these lashes on, its a great way for me to remind myself of my dad as well!

  2. GlamGirl Gray (verified owner)

    These are so nice! There like a your lashes but better style! Anyone new to lashes would love these!

  3. ncarmiche (verified owner)

    I haven’t wore false eyelashes in a long time and took me a while to get them on. I love the way these look. Everyone around me is wearing false eyelashes and looks so tacky. I wanted to find a pair that look natural and I am happy I did. My husband complemented me on how beautiful they look on. Can’t wait to reorder another pair. Zabrena good job on these and I will definitely be trying more styles. ??

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