3 reviews for Kitten

  1. InsertWittyName (verified owner)

    Beginner lash-wearer and monolid here! I was initially worried these lashes might be too much for me, since these lashes are MUCH longer and thicker than my actual lashes, but they still looked natural even to people who see me on a regular basis. They also really are that comfortable that it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing them. Awesome!

  2. GlamGirl Gray (verified owner)

    Love! Beginner lash, easy to work with! Good on hooded eyes! Give you the your lash but better kind if look!

  3. vkillman (verified owner)

    One of my all time favorite pair besides these and make believe. They are both so natural looking for a everyday wear but gives your natural lashes that kick it needs. I bought 4 pairs of these and Make Believe and now need replacements. I also loved Daddy’s Girl and Angelic. I’m just waiting for them to come back in stock! You won’t be disappointed. You also get a nice little letter on your recent that gives that special touch!

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