Expected back in stock January 2021!

Similar in style to our ‘Angelic’ pair but a little shorter in length by comparison. Our ‘Make Believe’ pair is very hard to detect on the eyes and the ideal style for those who want to add a little extra ‘oomph’. This pair is shorter on the inner corner and tapers into longer lengths in the middle and outer corners of the lash. Light, fluttery, soft fibers with a flexible band.

Our synthetic styles provide 15-20 individual wears with proper maintenance and gentle care.

1 review for Make Believe

  1. InsertWittyName (verified owner)

    These lashes do exactly what they say they will! It noticeably amps up my natural lashes but still looks casual. I’ve also been pretty rough with them (not on purpose — I’m just bad at figuring out how to handle lashes) but they’re still holding up very well!

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