3 reviews for The Best Mascara

  1. TammyLML (verified owner)

    As it says in the description, these lashes are certainly “aptly named”, and have quickly become my favorite, go-to lashes for both natural and more dramatic looks. Like “White Lie”, they are extremely comfortable, and nearly undetectable with the clear band and more irregular hair placement. I love how delicate they look, with the emphasis more on length than volume. The best mascara, indeed!

  2. Ana A (verified owner)

    This lashes are so beautiful , they are the perfect mix of false lashes looking natural and really pretty.. they are light volume and long and wispy.. planning to stock up on this style:)

  3. Jennifer Barone (verified owner)

    I am pretty new to false eyelashes, so I am still getting the hang of putting them on. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to apply, and they were so lightweight and comfortable. They are a bit longer than I expected, but they are gorgeous!

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